95 Percent Group is excited to offer a variety of Remote Learning Instructional Resources to all those teaching their students and children during these unprecedented times.  Our team of consultants has crafted these resources to be accessible and teachable by teachers and parents alike.  At 95 Percent Group, we understand that now more than ever, these resources are important to share and continue the educational growth of our youth.

Should any questions arise about these lessons, please direct them to your child’s teacher. We are happy to make these lessons available to support the instruction your child has been receiving from their teacher. As a small company whose mission is to support teachers, we are simply not equipped to handle what may be a large volume of questions from parents. 

95 Percent e-resources/resources-for-students-in-grade-2-up Group is delighted to share newly created resources for phonological awareness and passage reading to assist with home instruction. Please click the links below.

Resources for Students in Grades K & 1 

Resources for Students in Grades 1 & 2

Resources for Students in Grades 2 & above

Terms of Use: To help you through the unprecedented challenges arising from COVID-19, we are happy to make these At-Home Resources available at no charge through 6/30/21. They are excerpts from our comprehensive reading programs, and we ask that you use them with these terms:
  • Feel free to share the Resources; if you do, use a link to this webpage or a link to the lesson, so the entire lesson is shared, and give us credit
  • Do not make any changes to the Resources
  • Do not sell or otherwise try to make money from the Resources
  • Do not remove any trademarks or copyright notices within the Resources

For more information, please see the detailed Terms of Use that you agree to by using these Resources

Note to our Clients: We are also making available At-Home Resources for use by teachers who have been trained on how to use our products, for use with students who are already familiar with them. We are not making these public, because they are designed for you teachers, to leverage your advanced knowledge and skills. Emails will be sent in early April to all our clients with a link to these resources. If you did not receive this email, but believe you should have, please log in to the Client Portal to access these additional resources.

Father and Son Reading
Teacher and Student on the Computer
Parent reading to children