Our customer portal, MY.95PERCENTGROUP.COM, and its related systems are being greatly simplified and reorganized to make it more convenient and faster for you to find and print product resources.  In the next few days, we'll be introducing a completely reconstructed system. 

Please read this information because how you access your 95 Percent Group Resources and Products portal is changing significantly for the better.

Starting on the launch date, which we'll announce in advance and expect to happen before Monday, August 20, the current 95 Percent Group Resources and Products apps for computers and mobile devices will be discontinued.  Your Resources and Products will appear on your home page of My.95percentgroup.com (after you log in with your user name and password), with links to a single page for each product that will include all resources related to that product. 

What will happen to the current computer and mobile device apps?

The current computer and mobile device apps (represented by icons on your devices) will remain active and available for use until Monday, October 1, but the content in that system will not be updated.  If you add additional products or services to your account, the new items will only appear in the newly redesigned Resources and Products page at: my.95percentgroup.com.  

While some of the system will appear very similar to past versions, it has been completely redesigned on the back end.

What do I need to do now?
Log in to my.95percentgroup.com after 8:00 am CDT on Wednesday, August 8 to make sure your credentials are working.

To prepare your account for these changes, please log in to my.95percentgroup.com after Wednesday, August 8 at 8:00 am CDT and make sure your credentials still work. 

Normally, your school email is your user name, and you selected a password when you set up your account.  If you can’t remember this information, click on “Forgot my Password” and follow the instructions to set a new one. 

 If you need help logging in, please contact support@95percentgroup.com.

 How will you benefit from the new online system?

 Benefits of the updated system include:

  • Content is reorganized and in one place for each product.
  • The system requires NO software to be loaded on your devices (except Microsoft Office for a limited number of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents). 
  • On Chromebooks, Google G-Suite takes the place of Microsoft Office and is able to open those files with reasonably good fidelity.
  • The system is browser based and Chromebook-compatible, along with all other devices with a current browser.  Printing is recommended from computers only.  The content is not optimized for mobile devices (but should be viewable) because printing from them is undependable.
  • You'll be able to download needed files to your computer. Please note that all documents in the system are copyrighted materials and can only be reproduced by licensed users. All third party printing still requires permission from 95 Percent Group Inc.
  • Your 95 Percent University courses will be accessed as before from your Products & Services home page.
  • The system runs on a 95 Percent Group cloud server and will be faster than previous systems.
  • By controlling the entire system and not relying on other vendors we will be able to make further system enhancements.

What's next?

After you confirm your credentials, please standby for our launch announcement.  If you need access to your existing products and services, the current system is still working and will work until Monday, October 1.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information. We hope these changes will greatly improve your online experience. 

Click here to access your         95 Percent Group Customer Login Page after 8:00 am CDT on Wednesday, August 8.


Having problems logging in to your account?  
Contact support@95percentgroup.com for assistance.

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