95 K-2 Phonics Summer School research and strategies

In this session, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director of Product Development, 95 Percent Group, share evidence and research-based phonics strategies to move all rising K-2 students towards grade-level mastery this summer.

Get a boost of confidence as you prepare to take on your challenging and crucial role during the summer school weeks: identifying student needs and developing lesson plans that effectively address skill gaps. This webinar explains the research supporting explicit summer school literacy instruction.

Covered skills include phonological awareness, letter-sound correspondence, orthographic mapping, reading, and writing. Presenters demonstrate instructional routines from our 95 Booster Bundle™: Summer School 2nd Edition to effectively teach phonemic awareness, sound-spelling mapping, word sorting, word chains, sentence dictation, syllable instruction with gestures, and a process to carry over word learning to passage reading.