Reading Coach Session

Coaches’ Walk Throughs and Observations

Audience: Reading Coaches

Overview: Encouraging teachers to engage in ongoing reflections about their instruction can lead to increases in student achievement. The Intervention Snapshot Observation Form is a tool for instructional leaders to record their notes and to use in guiding discussions with professional staff regarding research-based classroom practices. Participants will learn how to use the Intervention Snapshot to focus on best practices that impact student achievement and to help determine areas for focused professional development. Participants will also practice observations by viewing videotaped lessons and then debrief as a group.

Participants will:

  • Discuss how to use observations to open dialogue with educators concerning effective instructional practices
  • Use the Intervention Snapshot Observation Form to establish which essential components of an effective intervention lesson could be improved to provide increased student learning
  • Share ideas about how to make discussions following observation productive
  • Practice writing observations that are specific, factual, and devoid of judgment

Workshop materials: handout 

This sessions lasts about 2 hours plus classroom observation time.   Please contact us at
847-499-8200, option #2, to speak to a representative about combining or customizing workshops for your school or district. 

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Reading Coach Session

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