95 Phonics Booster Bundle®: Summer School

            95 Phonics Booster Bundle®: Summer School

Close Phonics Skill Gaps in 25 Days this Summer

To meet urgent student needs, we elected to introduce our first Summer School product into classrooms by using content from our 95 Phonics Core Program®.

Our 95 Phonics Booster Bundle: Summer School 2nd Edition with all new content and the same targeted, research-based structured literacy instructional approach. 

Content updates for all 3 grade levels were driven by client feedback and the results of a Summer School research study conducted by an independent firm (see the results below).  The following skill and pacing adjustments were made exclusively to the Rising 1st Summer School 2nd Edition to include:

  • Letter-Sound Correspondence
  • Letter Formation (uppercase and lowercase)
  • Blending Awareness
  • Reading simple VC and CVC words (mastery of all  5 short vowel sounds)
  • Writing simple VC and CVC words using sound-spelling mapping
  • High-Frequency Words (30 total from the Pre-primer and Primer Dolch List)
  • The program culminates in the last 5 days with reading and writing phrases, sentences and 1 short, illustrated story

Our Summer School 2nd Edition will continue to provide an all-inclusive phonics and word study program, that delivers explicit, sequential, and cumulative instruction, to prepare students for success at the next grade level. The 25-day daily lesson plans address gaps in foundational skills for rising 1st through 3rd graders taught either whole class or small group. 

The program is not designed to include all other Tier 1 ELA components such as read-alouds, oral language and vocabulary development, authentic text, comprehension instruction, and process writing. These components can be covered in a second time block using existing curriculum materials.

The Summer School 2nd Edition lessons were developed to be taught for 30-45 minutes a day. The program  offers educators flexibility to use it for fewer than 25 days by skipping the beginning or ending lessons, based on the skills that students most urgently need.  This summer school program can be used for in-person or remote instruction to accommodate student learning needs. 

Review the Crosswalk Document to preview the difference between Summer School 2021 and Summer School 2nd Edition.

All-Inclusive Phonics and Word Study Program Reduces Teacher Prep and Provides Consistent School or District-Wide Instruction 

Our Summer School 2nd Edition is designed to cover all planning requirements because the Teacher’s Package and Student Workbook Package provide all of the necessary components for effective implementation including engaging, individual student phonics manipulatives, Sound-Spelling cards, digital Presentation Files and decodable texts.

No lesson planning is needed, and teachers don’t have to pull materials to create Summer School plans. This self-contained program can assist in attracting teachers, who otherwise might be ready to take a break this summer, to consider teaching a session. 

Improve Student Reading Success at the next Grade Level

95 Percent Group is a leader in developing phonics materials that provide teachers with explicit, systematic, and sequential lessons to be use in intervention and in a core strand. Releasing a summer school program that includes the routines and strategies that make our other programs successful, will provide the instruction schools need to close skill gaps, prevent summer slide, and improve student reading success at the next grade level.

Gains Study of 95 Phonics Booster Bundle®: Summer School Edition

Results Show Significant Student Outcomes

The Phonics Booster Bundle® was introduced in the Spring of 2021 to use as both a Summer School program and a fall Tune-Up for the 2021-22 school year.  

95 Phonics Booster Bundle SSE Survey InfographicThis explicit 25-day phonic program for students in grades 1-3 can be taught whole class or in small groups to address phonics skill deficits. The all-inclusive resource provides targeted structured-literacy instruction that is systematic, sequential, and cumulative.

An independent study of our Summer School program shows that it is effectively closing phonics gaps. This initial report indicates that all 3 grade levels (Rising 1, Rising 2, and Rising 3) made statistically significant gains from instruction with our 95 Phonics Booster Bundle®: Summer School Edition.

As indicated in the downloadable document below, the well below students improved as much as the below students on the % of correct responses on the posttest vs the pretest.

Review the report for more in-depth information: Gains Study of 95 Phonics Booster Bundle®: Summer School Edition.

Summer School Efficacy Study provides ESSA Level 2 Evidence

Click here to view the research results from an independent study conducted during the Summer 0f 2021 with two districts, one in CA and one in AZ.


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Download an overview and lesson samples here, or reach out to sales@95percentgroup.com.

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     Download Summer School Sample Lessons

Summer School That Works: Explicit, Efficient, and Effective 

Research shows that for rising 1st-3rd students, the number of students entering these grade levels with gaps in their foundational reading skills can be reduced by adding evidence-aligned phonics instruction to your current summer school ELA curriculum.

We invite all school leaders to watch this session to learn more about implementing a Summer School program that's aligned with Structured Literacy and Reading Science to help students meet grade level expectations.

This event was hosted by Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director of Product Development, along with our guest panelist Adriel Grieshaber, K-3 Literacy Coordinator, Dysart Unified School District (AZ) who shared her district's summer school success story. Click here to learn more.

Maximizing Summer School Curriculum to Advance Student Outcomes

Planning your Summer School phonics curriculum for Rising K-2 students can be overwhelming. As you prepare, there are bound to be lots of questions from identifying student needs to developing lesson plans that will effectively address skill gaps in just a few weeks. 

The webinar covers 4 key areas:

  • Discusses the rationale for providing a Summer School program that's aligned with Science of Reading principles
  • Reviews the key elements that are aligned with the evidence around effective phonics instruction and how to incorporate them into your plan
  • Examines current Summer School research and data that support a structured literacy instructional approach
  • Demonstrates research-based instructional routines
Click here to preview the session and to download the digital handouts including a phonics skills student checklist, a 3-hour summer school planning model, and lesson plan samples for each grade level.

Summer School 2nd Edition Program Components

The Summer School Program includes a Teacher's Package and a Student Workbook Package that are sold separately. 

Teacher’s Package
Includes a Full-color, spiral-bound Teacher's Edition
95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition   
Sound-Spelling Cards

             95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Sound Spelling Cards

Access to a secure site containing Ancillary Materials, the HTML5 Digital Presentation files to be use during daily instruction, and a 30-minute recorded Teacher Training

95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Digital Presentation

Student Workbook Package 

Includes Workbook Pages for sorting words, writing dictated sentences, decodable passages, and individual student manipulatives.

Workbooks are available in 5-packs for flexible ordering to accommodate summer school class sizes.
95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Student Workbook
Student Manipulatives vary by grade level
95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Rising First Manipulatives
95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Student Manipulatives Rising 1st
Rising 1st

95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Rising 2nd Manipulatives
Rising 2nd

 95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Rising 3rd Student Manipulatives
Rising 3rd