Phonics Chip Kit™ Advanced

The Phonics Chip Kit™ helps teachers explain phonics patterns using manipulatives and sound-spelling mapping. Each kit helps teachers focus on sound-spelling pattern identification rather than word reading and directs student’s attention to identifying individual phonemes in words and analyzing sound-spelling patterns. Each kit provides strategies for identifying different sound-spelling patterns in words.

All materials for the teacher and up to eight students are included in a plastic case. The Advanced Kits provide materials for 26 one-syllable phonics concepts.

The Phonics Chip Kit™ Advanced includes the following:

Teacher Materials:

  • Magnetic colored blank sound chips 
  • Magnetic colored spelling chips with letters and/or patterns printed on them 
  • Magnetic sound-spelling mapping mat(s) 
  • Teacher Guide with explicit instructions showing dialogue and graphics of chip positions

Student Materials:

  • 8 laminated sound-spelling mapping mats 
  • 8 sets of blank sound and spelling chips in laminated card stock
Phonics Chip Kit Advanced