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Improving Instructional Practices & Student Outcomes with Top 10 Tools

Apply this asynchronous reading course, immersed in the science of reading, to provide systemic change in literacy instruction.

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“Deb Glaser miraculously takes each component and presents the why (the research), the how (the classroom application), and the what (effective strategies that work) into a cohesive whole that will solidify your classroom literacy instruction.” ~ Diana Weir, former Reading Specialist, Boise School District, Boise, ID

In this webinar, Top 10 Tools founder, Dr. Deb Glaser shared her rationale for creating this comprehensive course that empowers educators with the knowledge they need to develop proficient readers. Watch to learn more about the 10 self-paced modules that reflect the critical components of reading instruction and take an in-depth view of the user experience as Deb shares Tool 4: Phonics and Spelling – Effective Decoding and Encoding Instruction.

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Webinar handout

Download the webinar handout as a guide to use while you watch the session. Great for taking notes as well!

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Professional learning resources

To learn more about other professional learning resources, view our course page

Professional Development Courses
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Read more about the science of reading in our blog.

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Additional resources

Gain access to the latest research, resources, and expertise that are shaping the Science of Reading.

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95 Phonics Core Program®: Tier 1 Structured Literacy Solution for K-5 Rooted in the Science of Reading

95 Phonics Core Program®: Tier 1 Structured Literacy Solution for K-5 Rooted in the Science of Reading Our explicit phonics program is strategically designed to effectively address skill gaps, improve instructional practices, and reduce intervention needs. This whole class resource is an essential part of our comprehensive multi-tiered product and professional learning ecosystem. Learn more and download grade-level resources by visiting our 95 Phonics Core Program Resource Center.

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A teacher helps middle school students during language arts and literacy block

95 Percent Group Product and Professional Learning Ecosystem in Action

Here we take an in-depth look at the Wicomico School District in Maryland, whose leadership and literacy team worked together to transform their approach to reading instruction. They saw, in return, strong student improvement. One changemaker, Dr. Renee R. Hall, offers tips for other educators on advancing literacy in their school or district.

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A literacy specialist works with his small group using tactile science-based resources

95 Percent Group Ecosystem Research Study

A two-year evaluation of a multi-product implementation of 95 Percent Group Products was conducted in the Wicomico, Maryland school district. Two similar schools were paired and compared during the 2020-2021 (remote) school year and the 2021-2022 (in-person) school year. During the two-year study, the effect size of the 95 Percent Group treatment group made two times more progress than that of the comparison group (0.64 vs. 0.31)

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Sound Wall Starter Pack including Kid Lips

Sound Wall Starter Pack including Kid Lips

Kid Lips is a phenomenally helpful Tools 4 Reading resource for teaching phonetics: how sounds are produced, how they are perceived, and their physical aspects. Picture cards of children’s mouths are used to teach and show the correct placement of the tongue, teeth, and lips when producing the target phoneme. All lessons include a Spanish language connection and explanation of why an EL may struggle to learn and pronounce sounds in English.

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Top 10 Tools | Tool 4: Classroom Video Lessons Descriptions booklet

Top 10 Tools | Tool 4: Classroom Video Lessons Descriptions booklet

The Tool 4 classroom videos present whole group phonics lessons and practice activities to share after providing explicit instruction. Teachers can use the activities to check for understanding and extend learning to build automaticity with decoding and encoding.

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