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Consultant - Remote

Location: Lincolnshire, IL, US

Position Type: Full-time


The Consultant's role is to provide professional development and coaching to teachers and reading coaches in schools and districts that are clients of 95 Percent Group. Consultants are assigned to work with a select number of clients each year in engagements to support a school or district as they implement new practices to provide reading intervention.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Teach teachers how to administer and score literacy assessments, use data to place students effectively in small groups, and write an instructional focus for each small group.
  • Train teachers in how to select appropriate instructional materials, provide differentiated intervention instruction, and progress monitor students.
  • Develop close relationships with reading coaches, teachers, and administrators at client schools.
  • Provide targeted technical assistance to coaches and teachers in the area of reading instruction including the five essential components of reading, use of assessment instruments, distinction between core (Tier1) and small-group intervention instruction (Tier 2 and 3), and instructional intervention techniques.
  • Advise and train clients in the use of our published programs and providing ongoing support in their implementation of best practices.
  • Report client progress and engagement information to department manager and other consultants.
  • Assist in the development of new products and presentation materials and participate in company meetings and training.
  • Provide leadership with other projects and tasks as assigned.


    Clients are equipped to effectively assess and select the resources that best meet the needs of their students.

    Long-term relationships are developed and maintained with clients that meet both their goals

and the company’s objectives.

 •    Ongoing support is provided that enables customers to maximize their utilization of company products.

    Consulting team efforts are enhanced through shared insights on how to effectively engage clients.

    A resource exists in the development of products for customers.

Skills and Qualifications:

    Master's degree in K–6 education and/or advanced degrees in education, reading, or special education.

    5 years of experience teaching reading at the primary level.

    Experience working with children having difficulty learning to read and evidence of success in improving student reading achievement.

    Extensive knowledge of scientifically based reading research and training in widely used core reading programs.

    Extensive knowledge and experience working with Acadience Reading (formerly DIBELS) and other assessments and screeners.

    Extensive professional development and coaching experience.

    Experience providing workshops to teachers, as well as have experience in a reading coach’s role.

    Knowledge about Reading First, training in LETRS, and any multisensory structured language approach, such as Orton-Gillingham.

    Strong interpersonal skills that build relationships of trust and confidence.

    A communication and management style that exhibits the mission and values of 95 Percent Group and fosters effective team relationships.

    The ability to build and foster remote team relationships.

    Passion for literacy and improving reading achievement for students.

Physical Requirements/Work Environment:

    The use of standard office equipment/computers and some light physical work is required.

    The work environment will range from an office to classroom setting with a low to high noise level.

    Candidate must be able and willing to travel extensively. Some weekend travel may be necessary. Relocation is not necessary.

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