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When you're faced with the complex challenge of teaching kids reading comprehension and develop a love for reading, comprehension worksheets may not be enough. Teachers need a strong knowledge base as well as continuous access to training so they are successful in determining which kids need worksheets, and which need to be challenged in other ways.

Not everyone learns the same way. That's why 95 Percent Group exists. We want to help teachers improve every kid's reading comprehension skills starting from an early age. It's critical that not only are students able to decode by third grade, but they are reading with comprehension.

With or without worksheets, there are some crucial steps in the comprehension process that help kids immensely. We have illustrated these in our Reading Comprehension Continuum, a resource we'd like to share with you.

Let's take a look three of the seven comprehension processes we include in our Comprehension Continuum.

Step #1: Connecting: When you're reading something and you can relate it to something in your life, that's a form of comprehension. Go ahead and ask your students to relate a passage to a memory or event in life. Just the process of thinking through the passage and comparing it to your life is light years better than just re-reading a passage.

Step #3: Prediction: In order to be able to predict what is going to happen in a story, you have to use that part of your brain that understands what is currently going on, detects any trends or clues and then makes a prediction. Prediction is a great open class tool to improve your kids' reading comprehension.

Step #6: Imaging: When you're reading a really good book, it should play like a movie in your head. Getting your kids to turn the words into visuals is critical in comprehending the text. Drawing a picture, or describing a visual, forces the student to use a different part of the brain.

In our Comprehension Continuum we highlight 4 other ways to improve comprehension, and recommend the 7 comprehension processes be taught in a specific order to maximize student success. This is a widely-used resource gives educators a sequence for teaching processes to improve kids reading comprehension.

95 Percent Group is an education company focused on helping teachers identify and effectively address the needs of struggling readers.  We provide professional development, diagnostic assessments, and instructional materials to implement MTSS/RTI frameworks and to ensure that students receive targeted, research-based reading interventions to address specific skill deficits.

Go ahead, download the Comprehension Continuum now and let us partner with you to improve reading success in your classroom.


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