How to Make Your Conference Experience/Learning Last Longer

Before the Conference: Prepare

  1. Make it personal:
    Envision what it means individually to you and your students.

  2. Be Strategic:
    Determine what you want to take away from the conference.

  3. Get Administrator Support:
    Focus on future implications. Explain how you, your grade level team, and your school will benefit.-During the Conference: Engage

    How to Make Your Conference Experience Learning Last Longer

  4. Take Notes:
    Get and use a PD notebook or journal for writing down key and informational points. The notebook can serve as a reference for both you and your colleagues.

  5. Get Involved:
    Be an active participant. During Q&A share comments, give specific examples, or ask questions that focus on the session content.

  6. Make Connections:
    Process your new learning with your existing background knowledge.

  7. Reach Out:
    Introduce yourself and engage in conversation. You may meet someone who has successfully dealt with a challenge you are facing.

    -After the Conference: Reflect

  8. Share Your Experience:
    Present your new insights and “aha” moments. Discussing key points will help you remember them better.

  9. Communicate Your Personal Growth:
    Consider what area is of the greatest concern in your teaching of reading. Target this as a high priority for professional development.

  10. 10. Use the Three Ds:

    • Decide on your greatest take-aways

    • Determine how they will impact your practice

    • Devise a plan to implement