A Summertime Reflection List

Summer is a great time to take time for yourself and to reflect on your classroom practices..

A Summertime Reflection List

Rejoice and Relax, Then Take Some Time to Reflect on:

  1. Launching the year with procedures and routines that will make your classroom run smoothly and a plan for how you will teach these to your students. (Example: What students should be doing when you are teaching a small group; how students should approach you (or not) when you are working with your small group, etc.)

  2. Remaining consistent once you have established your procedures and routines.

  3. Setting high expectations for your students and acknowledging when these are met.

  4. Maximizing instructional time by planning systematic, explicit and sequential lessons.

  5. Making a plan for revisiting reading skills from the previous year during the first few weeks of school.

  6. Using your CBM data to identify who is below benchmark and in need of additional diagnostic assessing.

  7. Establishing a plan to administer a diagnostic screener to identify students who will be in the first round of intervention.

  8. Keeping the phonological awareness and phonics continuums handy, and referring to these when deciding how to place students for intervention.

  9. Maintaining flexible small groups; establishing a plan for progress monitoring and regrouping.

  10. Selecting a variety of text for reading aloud, with a commitment to do this every day!

Enjoy your summer!