10 Tips to Keep Your Students Engaged

  1. Stay Focused on the Objective or Goal
    Intervention instruction that is differentiated by skill is pinpointed and focused.

  2. Share the Objective or Goal with Your Students
    Tell them “this is what we are learning today…!”

  3. Keep it moving with Hands On Minds On
    When completely immersed in learning, students are actively doing and actively engaged.

  4. Stick with a Fast Paced Routine
    Make certain students know what to expect and what is expected of them.

  5. Be Prepared and Organized
    When you have preselected the words you will use, and your materials are pulled out and in order, you will be able to keep the lesson moving along.

  6. Keep Your Instruction Precise and Concise
    Engage in less teacher talk- resist the temptation to veer off track and embellish/expand the lesson language.

  7. Make Your Teaching Inclusive
    Purposely include students. Elicit choral responses from the group- precious time is wasted when calling on individual students to respond (aim for 7 or more responses per minute!)

    10 Tips to Keep Your Students Engaged
  8. Pace Your Instruction
    Hold off on giving your students manipulatives until they are ready for a “You Do”. Giving them materials of their own too soon is more of a distraction than a source of engagement.

  9. Be Intentional in Your Delivery of Instruction
    Actively engage students throughout the lesson with many types of responses. Use gestures, movement of manipulatives, and oral responses. Encourage students to point to (or pretend to touch and move) the shapes/chips, and then sweep and say/blend the words during the “We Do”- this gets them engaged and allows them to become accurate with the skills and associated movements before you give them materials to use on their own.

  10. Remain Positive and Upbeat
    Teacher energy translates to group energy!