10 Tips for Sharing the Love of Reading and Learning. . .

With Your Students

  1. Make Connections 
    Make connections between reading, learning and children’s daily lives. Share something that connects to an area of interest, or a hobby they may have. Help children see that reading and learning is everywhere.

  2. Teaching Reading Strategies
    Children will not enjoy reading if they are not successful at it. No one enjoys doing a task that is difficult or frustrating for them.

  3. Create an Environment for Sharing 
    Share something you have learned or read recently that was of interest to you, or connects to something you have been studying as a class. Be enthusiastic when sharing new learning, positive energy is contagious. Encourage your students to do the same.

  4. Read Aloud Often 
    Whatever you may teach, and regardless of grade level, read aloud to your students often! The snippet your share from a novel, the newspaper, a trade magazine, or even a text book will hook them in and get them interested and eager to know the rest.

  5. End Each Day with Reflection
    Tell students something new that you learned that day, and ask your students to do the same.

    With Your Colleagues

  6. Celebrate the Achievements of Your Peers 
    Let a colleague know when you have learned something from him/her that you can use in your own teaching.

    10 Tips for Sharing the Love of Reading and Learning
  7. Share Your Experience
    Talk openly and enthusiastically about learning you have gained from professional reading.

  8. Show Your Desire to Learn
    Ask your colleagues for tips, advice, and to share their professional learning with you.

  9. Extend Invitations to Networking Events
    Invite a friend to join a learning network that extends beyond the walls of your school building. Together you can share, discuss, and problem solve as members of a LinkedIn community.

  10. Attend Professional Development Events as a Team:
    Generate interest in attending off-site professional development as a team. This will also allow you to support one another back at your school, as you work to implement your new learning.

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