10 Tips for a Successful School Year

Heading back to school can be exciting and daunting all at once for teachers!  Planning is the key to your success and making (and keeping) these resolutions could make this your best year yet.
  1. Resolve to Review
    Set the stage for success. Activate prior knowledge, make connections to previous learning, and provide a platform for practice.

  2. Resolve to Model
    Make instruction explicit when teaching a new skill through the use of “I Do, We Do, You Do.”

  3. Resolve to Scaffold
    Fortify student achievement. Present material in small steps to build a skill. Remove the scaffolding as student knowledge and confidence increases.Back To School, Pencils, Rainbow, Art

  4. Resolve to Guide
    Reinforce new learning through guided practice. Provide direct positive reinforcement and corrective feedback as needed.

  5. Resolve to Check
    Verify student understanding along the way. Confirm mastery of the need for continued development.

  6. Resolve to Group
    Let the data direct your grouping decisions. Place students in groups based on their lowest skill deficit area as determined by diagnostic assessments.

  7. Resolve to Plan
    Begin with the end in mind, keeping the goal front and center. Know the mastery expectations for your grade level and the instruction it will take to arrive there.

  8. Resolve to Pace
    Go as fast as you can to keep students engaged. Go as slow as you must to ensure student achievement.

  9. Value every Moment
    Value every precious moment of instructional time. Keep what you need accessible and ready to go.

  10. Resolve to Declare
    Make a personal commitment to student success. Start by adopting some of these resolutions.

At 95 Percent Group we advocate purposeful planning in three key areas: Assessment, Instructional Materials, and Professional Development.  Watch below as Dr. Susan Hall shares valuable tips for Planning Instructional Materials for your Tier 2 and Tier 3 Reading Intervention Groups. 

To play the video with sound,  click on the triangle in the center of the screen and then click on the white x that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.