10 Tips for Reflection over Winter Break

  1. Be Introspective
    Reflect on what has been successful thus far, what you might want to try a little differently, etc.

  2. Be Innovative 
    Experiment with something new from your professional learning that you’ve been meaning to try.

    10 Tips for Reflection over Winter Break
  3. Be Purposeful
    Plan ahead- be aware of scheduling special events and plan around them.

  4. Be Realistic
    Prioritize the “must do’s” over the “would be nice to’s.”

  5. Be Consistent
    With classroom management, don’t lower expectations, maintain routines, etc.

  6. Be Resolute
    Maintain academic rigor and pacing.

  7. Be Imaginative
    Find new ways for students to “apply and practice” skills right up to the break.

  8. Be Focused
    Make a concerted effort to leave the personal distractions of the season at the door.

  9. Be You
    Honor what you enjoy (or don’t) about this season and don’t feel the need to compete with the teacher down the hall for “Holiday Head Honcho.”

  10. Be Prepared
    For a smooth transition back from your break, take care of things before you leave, clear away the holiday décor, switch over the calendar, etc.