This page is intended for 95 Percent Group customers that are already trained to use our products. To view resources that have been identified by our educational consultants as suitable for those without any training, please click here.

Remote Learning Client Resources

95 Percent Group is excited to offer a variety of Remote Learning Instructional Resources to all those teaching their students and children during these unprecedented times.  Our team of consultants has crafted these resources to be accessible and teachable by teachers and parents alike.  At 95 Percent Group, we understand that now more than ever, these resources are important to share and continue the educational growth of our youth.

Some of the resources we’ve developed are available only to our clients, and some are available to the public. You will only be able to access the private resources through this page; there is no visible link on our website. The reason we are making some of these resources available to clients only is simple: they are centered around practicing a skill for which the child has already received instruction. These exercises would be confusing and frustrating for a child who had never been taught these processes. 

We are happy to make these products available, to help those students who can benefit from them. But in making these resources freely available, we open ourselves up to the possibility that we might be flooded with questions from parents. We are a small company, and do not ordinarily work directly with the public. Because of this, we are asking for your help. We are asking that parents direct any questions to their teachers. We are simply not equipped to handle what may be a large volume of questions. If, in turn, you have questions for us, by all means, please contact us at our special client support email at

Terms of Use: To help you through the unprecedented challenges arising from COVID-19, we are happy to make these At-Home Resources available at no charge through 12/31/20. They are excerpts from our comprehensive reading programs, and we ask that you use them with these terms:

  • Do not share this page
  • Please feel free to share the individual lessons using a link to the lesson’s webpage so the entire lesson is shared, and give us credit
  • Do not make any changes to the Resources
  • Do not sell or otherwise try to make money from the Resources
  • Do not remove any trademarks or copyright notices within the Resources

For more information, please see the detailed Terms of Use that you agree to by using these Resources. 

These links will take you to more teacher-only pages, where you will find additional resources. Please do not share these teacher-only pages with parents.
We would like you to share the link to an individual lesson with a parent. Below is a sample email you might wish to use as a template for communicating with a parent:

Sample email for teachers to send to parents


Dear Parent,

I am happy to share this lesson from the free downloadable resources from 95 Percent Group with you. This represents some of the skills your child has been learning this year.  The format allows you to easily access the lessons and all the supporting materials needed to successfully work with your child. If you have any questions about this information, please contact me for further explanation. The best way for us to connect is (insert phone or email information).

Click on this link and it will take you directly to the recommended site: (Insert link to lesson)


All my best,

Father and Son Reading
Teacher and Student on the Computer
Parent reading to children