95 Percent of Students Reading at Grade Level . . . An Achievable Goal.


Practical Tools

95 Percent Group’s diagnostic screeners, intervention materials, and online training courses provide the practical tools educators need to differentiate instruction and improve student outcomes. One of the things that is unique about 95 Percent Group’s approach, and a key to why schools make such substantial gains, is that our screeners and materials were developed around our proprietary skills continuums.

Phonological Awareness Continuum                           Phonics Continuum

Phonological Awareness Continuum             Phonics Continuum


Comprehension Continuum               Comprehension Continuum (Detail)

Instead of one size fits all, our approach is to invest a few extra minutes up front to diagnose the issue, ultimately saving time because students receive instruction only in skills they have not yet mastered.


By aligning our screeners and intervention materials, there is a seamless transition from assessment to grouping to instruction. And our research-based intervention materials provide explicit, sequential, and systematic lessons, while our online training courses help ensure implementation with fidelity. Each of these tools comes with complete instructions and can be implemented in many instances without additional professional development training. When needed, professional development is available to assist in implementation.


Diagnostic Screeners

The Phonological Awareness Screener for Intervention™ (PASI™) and Phonics Screener for Intervention™ (PSI™) pinpoint specific skill deficits and facilitate teachers’ grouping of students for focused intervention based on the screener results.

Instructional Materials

The Blueprint for Intervention:® instructional materials are uniquely designed so that students can receive targeted instruction on skills as needed. Our materials are aligned with our diagnostic screeners so that educators are teaching only the skills that are deficient and not simply following a prescribed curriculum.

Additionally, our materials, which provide explicit teaching of each strategy or skill, work in tandem with core reading programs and other materials schools may already have in place.


We offer a variety of online professional development courses for teachers and administrators designed to help learners from beginner to advanced levels. Companion training is available for our diagnostic screeners and our instructional materials. The PASI and PSI courses train users on the administration and scoring of our screeners.

The courses on our instructional materials contain lessons that feature video clips of a 95 Percent Group consultant modeling effective intervention lessons using a specific product. Some of the courses can be purchased for an individual user or for a grade-level team (Facilitator-Led Course). We also offer Video Playlists for many of our products, which show our 95 Percent Group consultants demonstrating the products in use with a student.

Courses are available for the following products:
Blueprint for Intervention: Phonological Awareness
Blueprint for Intervention: Comprehension
Phonics Lesson Library
Multisyllable Routine Cards

We also offer online course about general reading topics such as:

Diagnosing Dyslexia
What Is Dyslexia?
Progress Monitoring

More Info?

For a full list and detailed description of our diagnostic screeners, intervention materials, and eLearning, please see our online product catalog or online store.

Our product matrix can help you determine which of our screeners and intervention products are right for you.

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