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Translate the concepts of RTI and MTSS into reality. 95 Percent Group can help you plan and execute a coordinated approach for successful implementation.

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New MTSS Book by Susan Hall, Ed.D. 

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:
Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools Available Now in our Web Store

In some schools MTSS/RTI is losing steam because other initiatives are consuming educators’ attention. Diverting focus away from MTSS is a mistake. A systemic approach to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students should be nonnegotiable. It’s not a fad, and it shouldn’t be pushed aside for something else that draws the staff’s attention.

One reason it may be easy to push aside MTSS is that although results have been outstanding in some schools, they have been negligible in too many others. The reason results have not been consistently strong is that in implementing MTSS, too many schools have left out critical components.

What are schools that are getting good results doing? When results are unimpressive, what’s missing?

Author and reading intervention expert Dr. Susan Hall answers these persistent questions in her publication, 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:  Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools.  Dr. Hall's experience in working with schools across the United States led to the development of a list of 10 success factors observable in schools that are getting significant gains in student literacy with MTSS.

The 10 Success Factors include:10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention by Dr. Susan Hall

1.      Group by Skill Deficit

2.      Use Diagnostic Assessments

3.      Implement a Walk-to-Intervention Delivery Model

4.      Monitor Progress with an Appropriate Assessment

5.      Flood the Intervention Block with Extra Instructors

6.      Use Intervention Time Wisely

7.      Be Aware of What Makes Intervention Effective

8.      Provide Teachers with Intervention Lesson Materials

9.      Invest in Professional Development

10.    Inspect What You Expect

Excerpted from 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:  Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools, by Susan L. Hall, Ed.D, Copyright © 2018 ASCD.  All Rights Reserved.  Used with permission.

Join Dr. Hall as she thoroughly explores each of these ten initiatives and provides the guidance educators need to move from disappointing results to student reading success in this practical publication.  Click here for more information and to order a copy from our web store. 

The Road to Results Fall 2018 Workshops

Practical Strategies to Accelerate Achievement Through RTI/MTSS

95 Percent Group Diane Phoenix

Pittsburgh, PA

K-1     Monday, October 1
2-5     Tuesday,October 2

Nashville, TN

K-1     Tuesday, October 23
2-5     Wednesday, October 24

Kansas City, MO

K-1    Wednesday, November 7
2-5     Thursday, November 8

Phoenix, AZ

K-1    Thursday, November 8
2-5     Friday, November 9

Harrisburg, PA

K-1     Wednesday, November 14
2-5     Thursday, November 15

Tacoma, WA

K-1     Wednesday, November 14
2-5     Thursday, November 15

Click here to see our complete FALL 2018 workshop line-up.

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95 Percent Group Regional Product Training is Returning to Harrisburg, PA

October 9-11

Are you currently using 95 Percent Group resources in your classroom?

If so, you won't want to miss this incredible 3-day opportunity to improve product knowledge and learn effective instructional strategies from our experts. Space is limited and registration is open NOW.

On Day 1 and Day 2, our experts will show you how to:

  • Pinpoint skill deficits to begin intervention
  • Group students by instructional needs
  • Use 95 Percent Group's targeted lessons to engage students and address learning gaps

On Day 3, you'll learn 
  • How to focus on Tier 1 instruction using our products to improve student decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
Learn more about this training here. 

Featured Products                                                                                                                                  Use our Diagnostic Screeners to Provide Effective Data-Driven Intervention Instruction

Our Phonological Awareness Screener for Intervention™ (PASI™) and Phonics Screener
for Intervention™
(PSI™) are easy-to-administer, informal diagnostic assessment tools designed to work95 Percent Group PASI with universal screeners.  Curriculum-based measures (CBMs) tell  who is struggling and the PASI and PSI assessments indicate why and where to begin intervention instruction. 

PASI identifies which phonological awareness skills a student has mastered and which ones they are missing as shown on our developmental continuum.  Using our Phonological Awareness Lessons, that align with the PASI, teachers are able to explicitly teach these skills to mastery.

95 Percent Group PSIPSI identifies the skills students have not yet mastered and aligns with our phonics continuum and instructional materials: Phonics Lesson Library, Phonics Chip Kit, and Multisyllable Routine Cards.  Educators that use PSI know exactly how to group their students and where to begin phonics intervention.

Teachers can use the screeners as the first step to directly placing students in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 group for focused instruction making efficient use of intervention time by moving students seamlessly from assessment to grouping to instruction.

Both PASI and PSI are offered as school site licensed products with a one-time fee. Staff can easily download all materials online using their 95 Percent Group account.

Click here to see a video overview of both diagnostic screeners.

Literacy Leaders Endorse 
10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:  Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools

“Leaders, coaches, and teachers responsible for student growth in reading will find this a valuable resource for reflecting on their current practices, determining success factors that may be missing, and implementing needed success factors to increase their students’ reading outcomes."

Deb Fulton, M.Ed.
Former State-Wide Lead for Literacy
Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN)
Harrisburg, PA

“We have been implementing the 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention district-wide over the last three years in kindergarten through third grade.   We are very excited about the focus our teachers now have for reading intervention, the success they are beginning to see, and the reading skills our students are learning.  

As a result, our teachers have the opportunity for professional conversations through research based common language that guides their ongoing decision making about the teaching of reading.  This gives us hope that we can make a significant difference in the number of students reading on grade level by the end of third grade.”

Clare Gist, Ed.D.
Tulare City School District
Tulare, CA

Phoneme Screener teacher with student


Have your students mastered Phoneme Substitution?

David Kilpatrick (2015)* says that phonemic manipulation skills continue to develop through fourth grade and that most curricula and assessments stop monitoring phonemic awareness in first grade.  

Advanced phonemic awareness skills are essential for learning unfamiliar words which is critical for reading success. 95 Percent Group provides a complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener designed to determine if students in grades 1-4 have mastered phoneme substitution. 

Download our Phoneme Substitution Screener to find out if ALL of your students have mastered Phoneme Substitution.

 *Kilpatrick, D. (2015). Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (NJ: Wiley). 

Phoneme Substitution Screener

Phoneme Substitution Screener

Understanding Dyslexia Online Training Course

Engaging Content at Your Convenience

We're pleased to announce our new online training, Understanding Dyslexia™.  The course is designed to provide educators with a deeper understanding of what dyslexia is, how to identify the signs and symptoms, and to dispel myths about this learning disability.  

Did you Know that Early Identification and Intervention is Critical for Student Success?

Early identification is key and whether you’re a classroom teacher, intervention specialist, reading coach, Title 1 teacher, special education teacher, or an administrator, completing this training will better prepare you to meet all student needs.

"What I enjoyed most was the background information about Dyslexia and the resources. They provided me with a much better understanding of Dyslexia. I would recommend this online training to my colleagues."
Reading Interventionist

Register 24/7 and complete Understanding Dyslexia online, at your convenience.

Fall 2018 Bridging the Gap Workshops 
Bringing DIBELS Data to Instruction

Learn to Effectively Connect your DIBELS Data to Instruction

Join Susan L. Hall Ed.D., 95 Percent Group and Stephanie A. Stollar Ph.D., Dynamic Measurement Group, this fall for two days of collaborative learning, where you'll learn how to leverage your DIBELS data and improve student success. 

Phoenix, AZ
Thursday, 9/27 and Friday, 9/28

Pleasanton Area, CA
Tuesday, 12/4 and Wednesday, 12/5

Pomona, CA
Tuesday, 12/11 and Wednesday, 12/12