95 Percent Group Inc. Videos

Are you interested in learning instructional strategies, tips, and fun ways to make literacy come alive in your classroom? Watch our videos below and make sure to check back often for new videos.

Client Success Video

Learn how Animas Elementary School in Farmington, NM was able to improve student reading levels and teacher effectiveness with the help of 95 Percent Group Inc. 


Vocabulary Surge™ Tips

Watch our Vocabulary Surge™ video featuring Susan Hall Ed.D to gain additional insights on how to best use the product. 

Phonological Awareness™ Tips

Watch our Phonological Awareness™ video Skill 5.7 to gain additional insights on how to best use the product.

Fall Reading Institute Videos

Watch our videos from the 2015 Fall Reading Institute and make sure to check out what we have in store for the 2016 Fall Reading Institute

8 Important Words

Effective Phonics Lessons Using Phonics Chip Kits

Teaching Blending to Non-Blenders & Using the Blending App

The Essential Component for Success

Making Sense of Sentences