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We are proud to announce the winner of the 
95 Percent Group's 2016 R.E.A.D. Award!

This year's R.E.A.D Award went to Principal Pat Hensley of Wewoka Elementary School located in Wewoka, Oklahoma. 

               READ Award Snip                                                                                                                                                                                    

Product Spotlight

Student Reader – Decodable Passages

Recharge your current instruction practices 

Delivering decodable text that is rich in skill-based solutions for struggling readers, these passages engage the student and allow educators to identify skill mastery through proven skills assessments. 

  • Standards-based, kid-focused writing
  • 5 original booklets per set
  • 3  decodable passages per skill

Student Reader Decodable Passages provide decodable text practice for the review of all phonics skills. The reader format is kid friendly, fits perfectly with our PLL practices and allows for shared parent-child learning through the use of Parent Connection.

  • Directions in both English and Spanish
  • Passages for children to read to parents
  • Follow-up questions and useful tips for prompting a conversation
  • Prompts for writing samples that can be shared with the teacher

Transform your phonics lessons with 95 Percent Group’s Student Reader – Decodable Passages, the next essential element in your Phonics Lesson Library. 

Download Your FREE Phoneme Substitution Screener   

Looking for a great way to screen students on advanced phonemic awareness skills? 

Teacher Student Photo for Screener Thinking

95 Percent Group is pleased to announce the release
of a complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener 
designed to determine if students in grades 1-4
have achieved mastery in Phoneme Substitution,
an advanced phonemic awareness skill. 


2017 Workshop- Bridging the Gap:
Bringing DIBELS Data to Instruction

Presented by: 95 Percent Group Inc. and Dynamic Measurement Group

Join Susan L. Hall Ed.D. and Stephanie A. Stollar Ph.D. for two days of collaborative instruction. 

  • DIBELS95 Percent Group  DMG Workshop Flyer- Spring 2017
  • Making the most of DIBELS reports
  • Implementing hands-on strategies for providing intervention for phonological awareness and phonics
  • Teaching Blending to students whose NWF-WWR is below benchmark
  • Practicing instructional strategies to teach hands-on phonics using manipulatives and multisyllable decoding
  • Expanding vocabulary through morphemes
  • Measuring progress with DIBELS

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